2022 Digital Storytelling Summer Course

Digital Storytelling, Instructor
UW Robinson Center | Summer 2022
The Summer Challenge program at the University of Washington Robinson Center is an academically advanced summer program for 5th and 6th grade students. Summer Challenge provide intensive, hands-on, fun, and educational teaching in areas outside of the traditional school curriculum. In this class students will learn to use digital storytelling tools and techniques to explore, understand, and tell stories of their local communities.

Week 1 – Introduction to Storytelling
Students will begin with an introduction to early storytelling methods such as oral histories moving on to other non-digital tools such as written books and artwork.
Welcome Page | Sample Project | Storytelling Team

Week 2 – Intro to Digital Storytelling
Students will learn about digital storytelling tools and techniques such as digital photography, recordings, and podcasting.
Instructional Slides

Week 3 – Collaborative Group Work
students will work together on a UW walking tour digital storytelling project on the history of the University of Washington told through the perspective of early adolescents.
Student Project | Student Screenplay

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