Metadata Basics Introduction, Instructor
University of Texas Austin | 2020

Metadata OverviewOpen discussionReview (1) metadata libguides
Metadata Dos & Don’tsCase Study: RG metadataBring a metadata file in any format to the next discussion
Metadata FormatsAnalyze data in various formats/structures (XML & MARC) Review and provide feedback using review template
Metadata Archival StandardsReview and discuss commonly used or referred to standards
Metadata Archival Structures & SystemsReview and discuss commonly used systems for metadata/objects
Metadata & Local Digital Repository Systems (UT DAMS)Overview / Testing
Metadata Editing Tools part 1 (Excel)Refine the Garcia broadsides collection metadataGuest instructor: Beth Peattie
Metadata Editing Tools part 2 (Openrefine)Refine the Garcia Broadsides collection metadataGuest instructor: Beth Peattie
Metadata Editing Tools part 3 (Notepad++)Refine the Garcia photograph collection metadata
Metadata Redescription (pt 1 of 2)Case studiesReview 1-2 select collections prior to part 2 session
Metadata Redescription Principles (pt 2 of 2)Case studies
Metadata/Data Analyzing
Metadata Analyzing/Wrangling Tools Pt 2
2020 Metadata Basics Introduction Syllabus

Reusing Collection Metadata as Data – Instructor
Deciphering Spanish Colonialism Collectivelly | March 2, 2019

As part of the University of Texas LLILAS Benson Digital Scholarship workshop series, instructor presented an introduction to basic metadata principles and various methods of using metadata for research. This introduction provided a background understanding of the crowdsourced metadata collected from transcription and annotation of Spanish colonial manuscripts from the Benson Latin American Collection.


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