Doctoral Student.
Metadata Librarian.
People Organizer.
Cultural Arts Programmer.




pronouns: she/her

Itza A. Carbajal is a PhD student at the University of Washington Information School focusing her research on children and their records. Previously, she worked as the Latin American Metadata Librarian at LLILAS Benson after having received a Master of Science in Information Studies with a focus on archival management and digital records at the University of Texas at Austin School of Information. Before that, she obtained a dual-degree Bachelor of Arts in History and English with a concentration on creative writing and legal studies at the University of Texas at San Antonio.



Knowing firsthand the affective value of records, I am committed to pursuing doctoral research that will engender ways for people, and in particular children, to grapple with and learn from some of their most painful memories. My research seeks ways to use archives as a mechanism to confront these stories in order for children to recognize and utilize their memories for healing, personal development, and building community resilience. Other curiosities as a researcher include facilitating self-determination through metadata, the role of community archives in shaping collective memories, the use of archives as centers of power, archives and memory retrieval, and the use of digital archives as a response to the historic erasure of marginalized peoples.


Current Professional Positions

PhD Student
University of Washington School of Information
Pursuing a doctoral degree at the University of Washington Information School with a focus on children’s records, agency, trauma, and memory.

Teaching Assistant
University of Washington
Assists professors with instructional responsibilities including creating and delivering learning materials in a course. I help develop curriculums, assignments, quizzes, project deliverables, and papers to meet course objectives.

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