Linked Data

Subject Headings as Linked DataIdentified reading:”Archival description and linked data: a preliminary study of opportunities and implementation challenges”
By Karen F. Gracy
Case Study of Latin American Digital Initiatives Subject Headings or Thesaurus as Linked dataCore Reading: Proposal draft from LLILAS Benson Metadata Librarian Itza Carbajal; Participants will discuss and provide feedback

Suggested readings (download using BOX folder above)Inside the Media Archive: Indexing Human Rights
The Gravitational Pull Away from Pre-Coordinated Subject Headings
User tags versus expert-assigned subject terms: A comparison of LibraryThing tags and Library of Congress Subject Headings
Brainstorm future topics, reflect on topics covered between 2018-2019Participants will review Fall 2018 & Spring 2019 series topics. Plan for Summer/Fall 2020
UT Linked Data Informal Learning Series – Fall 2019

Overview of Semantic web; Introduction to Linked Data principles; overview of triple statement; Hands on triple statement activityReadings; participants will create RDF statements using designated “resource” to present at next discussion
Participants present triple statements and reflect on Linked Data readings; Overview of existing digital libraries/archives using linked dataReadings; participants will explore (1) linked data case study to present to group
Participants present selected case study; Review the use of graphs with RDF data; Discuss benefits/pitfalls of transitioning and using linked data technologies and approachesParticipants will explore readings on linked data formats and general how tos
Overview of existing ontologies and linked data; Introduction to 2 RDF serialization (RDF XML & Turtle)Participants will brainstorm 1-3 potential future topics or project for future informal discussion groups
Introduction to SPARQL (the query language for RDF), deep reflection of overall discussion topics, plan for report backs, identify further discussions topicsSeries planning for Spring 2019
UT Linked Data Informal Learning Series – Fall 2018
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