Archivist. Metadata Librarian. People Organizer. Cultural Arts Programmer.


Email: itza[dot]carbajal[at]gmail[dot]com

Itza A. Carbajal

Itza A. Carbajal works as a Latin American Metadata Librarian at LLILAS Benson after having received a Master of Science in Information Studies with a focus on archival management and digital records at the University of Texas at Austin School of Information. She also obtained a dual-degree Bachelor of Arts in History and English with a concentration on creative writing and legal studies at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Starting in the Fall of 2020, she will begin a doctoral program at the University of Washington School of Information.


Current Professional Position

Latin American Metadata Librarian (2018 – Present)
LLILAS Benson at the University of Texas Austin
As the Metadata Librarian. I assist LLILAS Benson in the implementation of post-custodial archival initiatives in Latin America, with an emphasis on human rights collections. I also provide expertise to support all processes and workflows for description of digital materials belonging to or coordinated by the library. Lastly, I consult on digital technologies related to metadata management, creation, processing, and access including metadata record editors, linked data systems, and archival management


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