Archives in the Classroom

Everybody is Welcomed, Everybody is Needed: Using Archives in Interdisciplinary K-12 Teaching and Learning

This research project looks to identify and assess the role archives play in K-12 education specifically in discussing issues regarding environmental change. By studying the current and potential use of archives through participant accounts, findings aim to highlight how students can learn and understand the ways humans enact, interact, memorialize and conceptualize through historic records. These findings will also analyze the use of archives in interdisciplinary teaching and learning methods.

This research project will contribute to a number of fields including archival studies, K-12 education, and childhood and youth studies. Findings on how different areas of study utilize primary sources to address the connections between the past, present, and future would benefit conversations on designing teaching and learning with primary sources programs that also address teaching standards. Given the limited time and resources of K-12 educators, many depend on access to these primary sources via online digital collections. Insights on how historic records can best be used in the K-12 classroom through interdisciplinary pedagogy also allow for improvements and alignment with national expectations and directions. An emphasis on environmental studies in particular pushes forward scholarship on how K-12 education can incorporate discussions on sustainable and responsible ways of life through the lens of the environment and people’s relationship to it. By focusing on the use of primary sources, this research contributes to a growing area of pedagogical concern – how to use manifestations of the past embodied through physical records in order to better understand the present and predict or shape the future.



Interviews (Washington State Participants Only)
+ High School Teachers
+ High School Students
+ Archivists
+ Teachers in Training (those enrolled in a certification program for K-12)
If you identify as any of these, submit Interest form and I will follow up with more details:

+ Archivists survey link
+ Teachers in Training survey link
+ High School Teachers (Opens Fall 2021)
+ High School Students (Opens Fall 2021)

Technology & Social Change (TASCHA) Group

University of Washington Information School

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