#SAA19 Austin Archives Fundraiser

Recording and listening to stories can encourage healing and understanding amongst people. Healing through stories in particular plays a vital role in the growth and development of young people, especially those impacted by violence, family separation, and personal instabilities. In an effort to instill knowledge and appreciation of the impact of sharing stories and preserving them, Austin based organizations Texas After Violence Project (TAVP) and Youth Rise Texas (YRT) will team up in 2020 to develop and implement a youth centered training. This training will focus on the experiences of family separation due to incarceration and detention by inviting participants to reflect on their traumatic experiences through storytelling and oral histories. Given the expertise around trauma and oral histories by the Texas After Violence Project and Youth Rise Texas’ commitment to cultivating a new generation of young leaders against criminalization and deportation, this partnership hopes to build a new relationship between TAVP and YRT that will connect the work of community archives, organizing, and empowerment of young people in Austin.

Funds raised will go towards the purchase of “Archivists & Oral Historians in a Backpack” equipment and supplies modeled after the University of North Carolina Archivist in a Backpack project as well as providing training materials and meals for youth participants.



Each donation regardless of amount will receive (1) special Austin themed THINGS TO DO zine delivered via email 48 hours before event. Suggested THINGS TO DO will include information on what food to eat, events to attend, drinks to drink, stuff to buy, places to see, and general Austin quirks & secrets.


Donors and supporters will ALSO be invited to a SECRET AFTER PARTY with location disclosed 24 hrs before event with special DJs from Austin’s chapter of the Chulita Vinyl Club scheduled for Saturday, August 3rd, 2019 after 9 pm.


The Texas After Violence Project (TAVP) is an Austin based restorative justice and multimedia documentary project & community based archives focused on cultivating deeper understandings of the widespread impacts of interpersonal and state violence on individuals, families, and communities. The mission of TAVP is to conduct holistic research and build an archive of stories and other records that serve as resources for community dialogue and public policy. These resources can help prevent future violence and promote restorative, nonviolent responses when violence occurs. By recording first-person narratives, archiving & preserving these recordings, and providing public access to those that undergo extensive consent measures from narrators, TAVP hopes to promote conversations about compassionate and just ways to prevent and respond to violence.

MORE INFORMATION: http://texasafterviolence.org/


Youth Rise Texas (YRT), a local Austin based youth centered organization, engages and shares the voices and stories of teens directly impacted by parental incarceration and deportation. YRT uses methods such as popular education, mentorship, community organizing, and creative cultural production build and strengthen youth empowerment. Art, music, theatre, public speaking, community organizing, and creative social engagement strives to build power and win change for impacted families and their community.

MORE INFORMATION: https://www.youthrisetx.org/


The Chulita Vinyl Club (CVC) is a DJ collective made up of women, gender-non-conforming, non-binary, LGBTQ+ and self-identifying people of color. CVC has multiple chapters across the United States with each Chulita providing their own twist and take on EL DISCO ES CULTURA.

MORE INFORMATION: https://www.chulitavinylclub.com/