During my work as the Latin American Metadata Librarian, I focused on developing a variety of internal and external practices for the management, creation, and stewardship of metadata for post custodial projects and archival digital collections. Over the years the role and responsibilities of the LLILAS Benson/UT Libraries Latin American Metadata Librarian grew with many originating from community and user input. The following presentations, writings, and resources represents collaborations between my job as the Latin American Metadata Librarian and students, faculty, and staff to better serve and support their work.

By offering metadata consultations and support I sought to amplify the brilliance of my surrounding communities by extending my knowledge around information knowledge management, metadata creation, standards, and organization, project coordination, and subject expertise to different areas of work and study. These consultation approach like others (think about consultations as they relate to visits to the hairstylist, barbershop, layer, doctor, bakery, etc) function as a way for my community to better achieve their vision or goals. For some that may mean discussion around considerations for descriptive or administrative metadata for digital projects. For others it can mean conversations and planning for classroom or workshop instruction on the impact, value, and structure of metadata. During this time I embraced different approaches to my work including group videochats for project teams to slack chatrooms (technically they aren’t called that, but I’m calling them that!). Together we made metadata approachable, manageable, and an opportunity for learning for all.

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