Post-Custodial Methods in Archival Practice – Guest Speaker
Access and Care of Indigenous Cultural Knowledge UT Austin iSchool Course | November 5, 2018

Presentation covered a general overview of Post-Custodialism as it is applied in the archival field. Presentation discussed initial framing of the Post-Custodial practices as well as local application of the concept in a Latin American context. Presenter also shared a few takeaways from the positive potential opportunities of applying Post-Custodial methods for archival projects.


Introduction to Linked Data – Instructor
University of Texas Linked Data Informal Learning Group, August – October 2018

As part of a 5 meetup series, this informal learning group discussion focused on the overview of Semantic web and an introduction to Linked Data principles as they pertain to library, archives, and other cultural heritage work. As these spaces prepare to transition to using linked data concepts and technologies in an effort to utilize the full capabilities of the web, Carbajal as part of the University of Texas LLILAS Benson post-custodial project offered opportunities for all library staff and archival and library students to prepare themselves intellectually for these changes. Discussion participants left with a solid grasp of how linked data applies to LIS work, a common understanding amongst themselves of what Linked Data is, as well as some core foundations including the role of URIs, RDF, triple statements, and SPARQL in the semantic web. Additionally participants engaged with discussion topics through the use of readings, hands on activities, and reflection.


Reusing Collection Metadata as Data – Instructor
Deciphering Spanish Colonialism Collectivelly, March 2, 2019

As part of the University of Texas LLILAS Benson Digital Scholarship workshop series, instructor presented an introduction to basic metadata principles and various methods of using metadata for research. This introduction provided a background understanding of the crowdsourced metadata collected from transcription and annotation of Spanish colonial manuscripts from the Benson Latin American Collection.


Radical Shared History Online Portal Meet Up Session – Facilitator
Allied Media Conference, Detroit, MI, June 2017

This session presented at the 2017 Allied Media Conference brought attention to the fact that people continue to connect across the globe at an alarming speed. Now the possibility of using technology to connect the countless stories manifested in community archival materials feels like a click away. This dinner meetup brought together a small group of community archival repositories, archivists, developers, designers, and potential users such as researchers, artists, and educators to discuss and imagine different projects that could result in online digital archives portals.